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ISC France becomes a patron of the Fondation des Femmes

Press release

ISC France becomes a patron of the Fondation des Femmes and contributes to its emergency fund to support women victims of violence during the COVID-19 crisis.


ISC France announces its support for Fondation des Femmes and becomes one of its patrons from May 2020. Primarily, its contribution will fund projects that meet emergency needs relating to domestic violence in the context of confinement and deconfinement. It will make it possible to equip the listening centers, provide legal services and support activities associated with teleworking. It will also be used to buy food or basic necessities and to house women who have left their homes.

ISC France's donation could finance other projects of Fondation des Femmes that aim to prevent and raise awareness of equality, protect and support women in vulnerable situations and more generally fight for the rights and freedoms of women.

ISC France, which is a professional network for women leaders in or related to the insurance industry, strives to support women and enable them to achieve their professional goals. It acts in partnership with Fondation des Femmes and develops actions against violence and for equality between women and men.

Carlene Clifford, Secretary of ISC France said: “ISC France's commitment is to proactively support women and to fight against sexism and sexual harassment in our industry. By choosing Fondation des Femmes, we are taking concrete action to protect women victims of violence and we are very proud of it.”

Véronique Brionne, treasurer of ISC France adds: "Funding the projects of Fondation des Femmes and particularly the emergency fund set up to help victims of violence is obvious to our Association. It’s a way to be helpful and responsible to the women who need it most."

Anne-Cécile Mailfert, president of Fondation des Femmes comments: "The work of associations fighting against violence does not stop at the end of confinement. On the contrary. Post-confinement is also the release of speaking, or even the opportunity to leave for some women. For associations, there is therefore an influx of requests for support. To help them cope, it is crucial to support Fondation des Femmes emergency fund. We would like to thank ISC France for its invaluable support.”

The purpose of ISC France

ISC France is an Association, an affiliate of the London organization ISC Group created in 2008. It is a women's network dedicated to insurance experts residing in France. Founded in 2019, the Association is committed to be a place of sharing and mutual support, in the spirit of mutual respect. The benefactor member companies of ISC France are AXA, Chubb, Covea, Liberty Specialty Markets and the partners: Kennedys, EY and Allianz Global Corporate Specialty. Find out more: https://www.isc-france.fr/en/

To find out more about Fondation des Femmes:

Secretary of ISC France