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Focusing on the next generation of women talent 

ISC France is committed to the development of the next generation of women talent in the insurance industry in France. The next generation programme seeks to find opportunities for talent to connect, learn and grow. 

We are focused on the development of the next generation of talented women with the aim of increasing the representation of women in leadership positions in insurance. Next generation women will have the opportunity to participate in a structured, annual mentoring programme under the guidance of senior women leaders, supported networking breakfasts and professional learnings delivered by ISC France leaders and partners.  

Professional mentoring 

Each next generation woman will be assigned a senior woman leader with whom she will be able to talk to and be advised once per quarter.

Mentors will provide support to mentees to accelerate their career progression:

  • Helping to set goals and take the steps to realise them
  • Using contacts to help mentees network and find opportunities
  • Introducing mentees to resources and organisations that they may not be familiar with
  • Encouraging the development of skills via partner learnings, online trainings and reading resources

Mentoring benefits 

From a mentor’s perspective

  • Exposure to the barriers encountered by the next generation of women leaders in the industry,

  • Opportunity to be exposed to, and share, diverse perspectives and experiences,

  • Opportunity to leave a legacy of knowledge for future generations of women leaders,

  • Renewed energy around the subject of gender equality, and the progression of women in the industry.

From a mentee’s perspective

  • One on one mentoring partnership with a senior woman leader in the insurance industry,
  • Opportunity to identify career priorities, challenges and opportunities,
  • Opportunity to generate ideas about future career direction,
  • Identify gaps and skills in knowledge, and build confidence to achieve accelerated career progression.

Networking breakfasts 

Each next generation woman will be invited to a series of networking breakfasts hosted by senior women leaders of ISC France. 

The breakfasts are designed to inform the next generation on what it takes to become a woman leader in the industry with the host speaking about their professional and personal experiences.

The series aims to develop an impactful network of women across the industry who will support each other as they continue to grow. 

Professional learnings 

Each next generation woman will be invited to professional learnings (a minimum of two learnings per year) hosted by ISC France partners.

For example – May 2020 – EY sponsored learning on Climate Change and Sustainability

The learnings will broaden knowledge of relevant industry topics and develop skills as future leaders. 

Qualification criteria 

Limited to women in the insurance industry only.

Applicants will be considered by mentors against the following criteria:

  • Submission of a curriculum vitae accompanied by a narrative (maximum 500 words) addressing the applicant’s:
    • Professional journey,
    • Perspective on being a woman in the insurance industry,
    • Aspiration for participating in the programme.
  • Submission of 1 reference from a leader within the applicant’s organisation.

2020 submissions to be sent to: 

Carlene Clifford, General Secretary, ISC France carlene.clifford@theinsurancesupperclub.com 

Submission deadline 20 March 2020